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Providing Tools that Create and Play Next-Generation Lessons for Touch-Boards and Virtual Classrooms/Books

If you are a teacher, a language therapist, an after-school administrator, an individual interested in learning through interactive lessons or
a mentor interested in creating and selling next-generation interactive lessons … this site is for you!
Welcome to, where you can:
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Interactive lessons and books for students, patients, children, adults, ... actually anybody ... even yourself!
These are NOT your run-of-the-mill PowerPoint lessons. These lessons can:
give immediate feedback * include sounds * grade themselves * track errors * graph student progress * and more...
Teachers/Mentors, click here... to get started with your FREE 30 day Trial Premier Account or continue to learn more... about our site; deliver captivating and interactive lessons at school and/or within the student's home.
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Individuals/Students, click here... to get started with your FREE Individual Account where you can purchase/replay virtual books (created by teachers/mentors across the nation, access virtual lessons within your teacher's/mentor's virtual classroom and/or compete against other students within our competition arena. Click here... to learn more about the competition arena.
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